J G Post



In March of 1999, Jan G. Post learned of my genealogical quest and offered to help me.  In the 13 months and 3 days that I knew him, Jan made numerous trips to the archives of Dordrecht, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague.  He took extensive notes on these trips, and after returning home, he would organize his notes and enter the information into his computer's genealogy program.  Afterwards, he would send me email with the results of each trip to the archives.  In addition, Jan obtained copies of documents and other vital records, which he always sent me by regular postal mail.

It was Jan's research and dedication that is directly responsible for my family's genealogy in Holland appearing on this web site.  I merely copied his information into my own genealogy program; however, this was when I began to really appreciate how much work he had done, providing information for over 500 individuals in my family's genealogy.  (Mind you that Jan was simultaneously helping others, also.)  

One of Jan's favorite activities was to take a long-distance walk on Tuesdays.  If the weather was nice, Jan, along with some colleagues, would take regularly scheduled hikes, which covered an average distance of fifteen to twenty kilometers.  He was so well-known for this activity that his picture appeared on the cover of a Dutch magazine, and his accompanying feature story encouraged seniors to remain active.  It should also be noted that Jan, who was already retired at the time, volunteered his Fridays at a local archive putting records on-line.