Dr. C. A. Heineken




"There is quite a lot of German literature written about Christian Abraham Heineken, who is not only famous because he was mayor but also because he wrote one of the most important books about the history of Bremen in the 19th century.

Christian Abraham was the oldest son of Dr. Philipp Isaak Heineken (8/14/1724 Magdeburg - 1/26/1790), who was professor for medicine and mathematics at the "Gymnasium Illustre" in Bremen until 1752. His mother was Wommelia von Rheden, who came out of a famous Bremen family.

C.A. Heineken studied in Goettigen from 1771 until 1774, which was the year he did his Ph.D. (Dr. jur.). After his studies, he went to Bremen, worked as a lawyer and married Margaretha Schoene (1756-1787).
In 1779, C.A. Heineken was elected to the Bremen Rat, which was a lifetime office-duty. From the 20th of November 1792, he was mayor of Bremen.

His famous work: "Story of the Free Hansestadt Bremen from the Middle of the 18th Century up to the French Time" was re-edited in 1983.

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