Special thanks to Jan G. Post, who passed away in April of 2000, for his hard work, specialized knowledge and many acts of kindness.  Jan was directly responsible for all genealogical information obtained in Holland.   Thanks need to also go out to Wes Karlson and other members of the Maus Genealogical Society of Bremen for their part of the genealogical research conducted in Germany.  I would be seriously remiss to leave out Monika, who was born and raised in Bremen and who is a direct descendent of the Heineken Mayor's Branch.  Monika, who is my half 6th cousin twice removed, now lives in America.  Her insight of the Heineken branch, the city of Bremen and Germany genealogy, helped me immeasurably to connect my Dordrecht Hennekes family to the Bremen Heineken family.

I would also like to thank the readers of the soc.genealogy.benelux newsgroup, including Frans, from British Columbia, Canada, who sent me a link to the Dutch On-line Phone Directory, and Jeanne from Belgium for calling my cousin in Dordrecht.   There were many others who helped me along the way.