My research in Bremen has revealed much about my family background.   For example, I learned that Laurens Heijneken, my 4th great grandfather, was known as Laurentz Heineken in Bremen.  This conclusion is based upon the reputation of Die Maus, the integrity of its members and their supporting evidence.  More importantly, Die Maus was able to "genealogically match" my 4th great grandfather's estimated year of birth.

And as you have now been able to see for yourself, it was also discovered why members and spouses of the Bremen Mayor's Branch were godparents at the baptizings for two of Laurentz's siblings, Anna Catharina and Simon Johan.  These godparents were present to sponsor their niece and nephew since it was later learned that Johan Heineken was actually one-and-the-same as the merchant from Wesel, Johann Heineken.

In the year 1670, Johann Heineken, the father of Laurentz Heineken, was born in the city of Bremen.  Around 1690, he departs from Bremen and moves to Wesel as a merchant.  In 1692, Johannes Heineken marries Anna Catharina Gravers, who was born in Wesel on the 6th of December 1667.  She bore him two children while they lived in Wesel.  One child was a daughter, whose name is unknown, while the other child was a son, Abram, who was born in October of 1695.  (This son would later move to, and eventually become mayor of, the Palatinate Colony at Magdeburg.  His grandson, Christian Abraham Heineken, would become the mayor of Bremen.)

After Abram's birth, Johann and Anna Catharina moved to Moers, which is situated about 20 miles south of Wesel.  My research brought to light long-forgotten documentation, which showed that Johann and Anna Catharina were also the parents of two sons, Bernardus and Diterich, born in Moers.

Anna Catharina passes away in Moers in 1703, and then in 1705, the widower, Johan Heineken, marries Magdalena Terstegen.  While residing in Moers, they have their first child together, a daughter named Agneta Magdalena.  (The mayor of Moers, Sebastian Erckenswick, was listed as one of Agneta Magdalena's godparents, according to her original churchbook birth record.)  Two years later, Johan and Magdalena have a son, Pieter Thomas.

Baptism records from the Unser Lieben Frauen Church revealed that Johan and Magdalena next appeared in Bremen, and that they were listed as the parents of four more children.  The first three children born there were Anna Catharina, Simon Johan and Gottfriedt.  The fourth and last child born was my 4th great grandfather, Laurentz Heineken.  In 1720, a year after Laurentz's birth, my 5th great grandfather, Johann Heineken, passes away.  (It had been documented in Bremen that Johann Heineken was a Master of Writing and Calculating, which can probably be attributed to the skills he had gained as a third-generation merchant.)

At different times during his life, he was known as Johannes, Johann and Johan.  Johann's first marriage was to Anna Catharina Gravers, and they were the great grandparents of the Bremen mayor, Dr. Christian Abraham Heineken, who is my half 2nd cousin 4 times removed.

My Hennekes family branch descended from Johannes Heineken's 2nd marriage to Magdalena Terstegen.  Their youngest son, Laurentz Heineken, moved to Dordrecht, Holland.  Consequently, our family line became lost to Bremen history.  But because of my genealogical research, Bremen has finally learned of what had happened to my 4th great grandfather, who is the patriarch of the Dordrecht Hennekes family.