Aart Hennekes

Martinus "Harry"


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[This photograph was kindly provided by L. Gerrath, whose wife (Tina) is Aart's granddaughter.]

Aart Hennekes, my 3rd cousin twice removed, was born in Dordrecht March 29, 1865. He died in Rotterdam June 22, 1919.  He and his wife, Hendrika Johanna Kemp, gave birth to over 20 children, many of whom died during birth.

One of the children was Hendrik (Harry) Johannes Hennekes, who lost his Dutch citizenship after enlisting in the United States Army during the first World War.  (Harry's story was published in a series of newspaper articles during the 1930's in Rotterdam.   Recently, his life's story, "One Dutchman's Life in the 20th Century", was again featured in MISSING LINKS: RootsWeb's Genealogy Journal Vol. 5, No. 9, 1 March 2000, Circulation: 401,783+.)

Harry's younger brother, Martinus, moved his family from Rotterdam prior to 1950.  They raised their family in Canada.