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My Forefathers

No headstone needed
To mark the ground.
Not a descendant left
To follow me around.

I began to research
My genealogical tree,
Seeking records to all,
Who proceeded me.

I wrote it all down
For anyone to read.
It's here if you want it;
Just take what you need.

by J. L. Hennekes {2000-2001}


My family in Holland descended from one German ancestor, Laurens Heijneken, who became the patriarch of our Dutch line in Dordrecht.  Laurens married Cornelia van Duijnen on 28 January 1759, and they established our Hennekes branch.  According to their marriage record, Laurens was a "sailor on a river vessel", who had been born in Bremen.  

Subsequent research revealed that he had been baptized on 2 January 1719 at the Unser Lieben Frauen Church as Laurentz Heineken, the son of Johan Heineken and Magdalena ter Stegen.  (Laurentz's father used the alias's of Johannes and Johann at different stages in his life, but Johann seemed to be the preferred name by which he was known.)

Johann was a member of the Heineken family that came to be known as the Mayor's Branch.   Bremen uses this designation because Christian Abraham Heineken, the great-grandson of Johann Heineken and Anna Catharina Gravers, became the mayor of Bremen in 1792.  (Anna Catharina was Johann's first wife.)  Although Laurentz was Christian Abraham's half-granduncle, there's no evidence indicating that they knew each other, nor is it known when, or why, Laurentz left Bremen and moved to Dordrecht, where our last name gradually changed from Heineken to Hennekes

Herein lies the research story.  (Unless otherwise noted, names of living individuals have been marked with an asterisk...after indicate that the name was modified.)    

Paternal direct line in Holland:

1 Laurens Heijneken ? - 1788

.2 Johannes (Jan) Heinikis (Heijneken/Hennekes) 1760 - 1801

..3 Jan Heijnekens (Heijneken/Hennekes) 1789 - 1869

...4 Johannes Hennekes 1820 - 1901

....5 Leendert Hennekes 1861 - 1933

.....6 Johannes Lodewijk Hennekes 1912 - 1981

......7 Johannes Lodewijk Hennekes 1951 -


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